Thursday, September 24, 2009

  Ah!  Autumn is finally here and with it comes cool mornings and warmer days and the promise of the leaves changing.  New England is known for our lovely foliage. Brilliant golds, scarlets, greens and browns dart the landscape as the earth gets ready for it's winter sleep. 

It is also a wonderful time to take advantage of the cooler temperatures to hike and take long leisurely walks.  My Dear Walking companion, Alex and I have been doing just that.  Being a Golden Retriever, Alex is pre-disposed to athleticism and he most certainly makes that known as we make our way along our mid-morning route.  This morning we met dear family friends and proceeded to venture up near the town high school (where Alex was quite the hit with the Wellness Class that was making its way to the tennis courts bright yellow-green balls bouncing against their rackets.  The poor dog was transfixed, his ears perked up while we stopped to watch the students pass) and the the veterans' hospital where we had the good fortune to meet a young wife and mother taking her children to visit their injured father.  Alex, once again, won the day with his sweet gentlemanly persona as he greeted the little girl with puppy kisses and received a treat for his efforts.  He was one happy boy!  We pressed on... 

When we arrived home he had a drink and then proceeded to collaspe on the couch down in the den curled up against the pillows where fell asleep (dreaming of friendly children and doggie treats).  Ah!  A Dog's Life! 

You all are probably wondering why the picture of the fox when I have been waxing on about Golden Retrievers for the last several paragraphs.  Foxes are another one of those things that epitomizes autumn to me.  Their has always been something intriguing and elegant about them.  Maybe it has to do with riding to the hounds in the cool autumn/winter air?  18th and 19th century hunt prints?  Dark rich red, green, blue and gold against dark mahogony and cherry wood in a well appointed library?  Whatever it is I am most definitely a fan of foxes... 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning Musings

Another lovely late summer day in New England.  Cool and crisp with the sun shining warm on the still green trees.  One starts to think about horticulture shows, fairs, baseball playoffs, football, soccer, pumpkins, apples and mums.  Curling up with a good book on the deck with a morning cup of hot chocolate. 
 Present reads are Trish Baldrige's autobiography published  in 1968 (a book sale find from this past weekend).  What a lady- and I do mean lady in every sense of the word. If you would like to read about life in post-WWII Paris, Italy in the 1950s and the inner social workings of the Kennedy Administration this book is a recommended read.  I will not wax on with a review but I will say that I haven't been able to put this book down since I picked it up yesterday morning.  
I just finished reading a biography on Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.  The book was published back in 1954 and is truly a sentimental bit of fluff. Albeit an enjoyable sentimental bit of fluff.  I always find it amusing to read contemporary biographies on historic figures especially published pre-1974.  I do not care to make sweeping statements or generalize,  but one ususally finds the subjects of said biographies are presented in a favorable light. 
I also cannot seem to get my nose out of Peter Walsh's It's All Too Much.  This book, which is about decluttering and organizing one's home has been quite helpful.  I will not say that I live in a home that is worthy of one of Peter's former Clean Sweep shows,  but having lost a parent in 2007 and incorporating quite a bit of said parent's stuff into our own home has been a bit of a challenge. Fortunately we have enough space for what I inherited. 
 However, I must do something about my book addiction.  As my husband says:  "We do not live in a house but a library with beds".  I will have to say that it is under control at the moment and our library will be benefitting from the donations for their Fall Book Sale. 
I do have to find a bit of fiction to add to the mix of my reading.  A look through the TBR pile is in order.  I am thinking about a Renaissance or Georgian set historical though some of the classics on my book shelves are beckoning as well. :SIGH: